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More often than we realize, we unconsciously take on the unnecessary &/or unwanted energies around us and keep them! Better still, we brought them home and dumped the energies there, in the very space we eat, breathe and live! So then, what can we do?

Understand what are discordant energies & baggages. Learn the proper techniques for energetic space clearing and perform them for your own spaces.

~ Workshop content ~
- Introduction to Energy and Space Clearing
- Why and when to space clear
- What are discordant energies and baggages
- Do’s and don’ts of space clearing
- Tools to use for space clearing
- Steps for simple energy space clearing
- Steps for regular energy space clearing
- Steps for thorough energy space clearing
- Steps for overseas travel energy space clearing
- Other supporting tools for maintenance of energy space

Empower yourself to take ownership of your personal space by learning the method to Energy Space Clearing.

Each participant will be given a basic space clearing kit after the workshop

Energetic Space Clearing Workshop

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